Bovatec and Deccox are both routinely fed to calves for control of coccidiosis. The modes of action of these two products may be different, but they have both been shown to provide excellent coccidiosis control. One of the greatest difference between these 2 products is currently the price. Using Bovatec in place of Deccox provides a savings to producers on both milk replacer and calf starter.

Modes of Action

Bovatec is an ionophore that acts as a coccidiocide. Bovatec acts by disrupting the sodium and potassium balance across the cell wall, resulting in death of the coccidia.

Deccox is a coccidiostat and acts by inhibiting electron transport in the mitochondria of the cell, stopping the growth of the coccidia.


What is Coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is a disease caused by protozoans (typically Eimeria spp) damaging the mucosal lining of the intestine. Diarrhea is the most common symptom of coccidiosis, though it can be followed by poor feed efficiency, weight loss, and, in extreme cases, death.

Research data on Bovatec and Deccox show greater than a 97% reduction in shedding of coccidia oocysts, indicating that both products provide excellent control of coccidiosis. Figure 1 shows the reduction in fecal oocyst shedding when calves are fed Bovatec in both milk and starter as compared to control calves that did not receive any coccidiosis control.

As the modes of action are different between products that control coccidiosis, recommendations are for producers to feed the same product for coccidiosis control in both milk replacer and calf starter. Feeding the same coccidiosis control product in both milk and starter provides continuous coccidiosis control as calves complete the milk feeding period and are weaned onto dry feed.

Figure 1. Fecal oocyst shedding during a research study where calves were dosed with Eimeria oocysts at 14 days of age and given one of four treatments: no Bovatec (Control), Bovatec in the starter feed only (Feed), Bovatec in the milk only (Milk), or Bovatec in both the milk and starter (Milk + Feed). Source: Zoetis, 2013.


  • Bovatec and Deccox both provide excellent coccidiosis control.
  • Bovatec is currently less expensive than Deccox, providing a savings to producers.
  • Feed the same coccidiostat in both milk and starter to provide continuous coccidiosis control.

Bovatec and Deccox


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