At Famo Feeds we are always looking for qualified and motivated people to join our team. We take care of our people and offer competitive pay, benefits package, and opportunities for growth and development.  If interested in any of the careers below, please stop at our office located at 446 Industrial Drive, Freeport, MN to complete an application.  Or complete the application form and return to Famo Feeds.  Application for Employment



The Maintenance/Utility worker is responsible for a varied of duties within the company:

  • Knowledgeable of the operations and mechanics of company equipment and vehicles
  • Repair and maintain all company equipment
  • Minor repairs on trucks
  • Secure necessary work permits (hot work or confined space) before beginning repair procedures
  • Maintain records of any work and inspections done on premises
  • Keep repair tools and supplies cleaned and organized
  • Conduct routine maintenance on equipment and building systems
  • Complete safety checks on systems and equipment, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers
  • Keep supplies (grease, replacement parts, tires, etc.) on an as needed basis
  • Will fill in for vacant positions (in plant or driving truck) due to vacations or sickness when needed
  • Assist with truck loading/unloading when needed
  • Ensure all safety systems are functioning properly
  • Assist with the cleaning and maintenance of plant mechanics


  • Communication – Ability to interact with co-workers, supervisors, customers, etc., in a way that is both clear and friendly
  • Time management – Ability to manage daily tasks and long-term projects. Need to prioritize tasks, create schedules, and develop timelines for completing the work and time organization
  • Diagnostic – Problem solving, and critical thinking are key in this line of work because you regularly must diagnose issues and develop effective solutions
  • Physical strength – is required to adjust heavy equipment, squeeze through tight spaces, climb tall ladders and carry heavy equipment
  • Technical – need basic understanding of electric systems, plumbing, carpentry, etc.
  • Mechanical – must be knowledgeable in a variety of systems, equipment, and tools to effectively complete some of the more complex projects