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Famo Feeds has long been at the forefront of livestock and poultry nutrition. As our company has grown and flourished, we have never forgotten our roots. We are a family-owned operation that takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality products combined with premier customer service. At Famo Feeds, you’re one of the family. Come join us!

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  • Poultry Quick Tips - Clipping Wings

    It is a common misconception that chickens cannot fly. The truth is most chickens can fly for short distances to escape predators or to find a high place to roost. While this might aid in avoidance of predators, it can lead to unhappy neighbors (when your chickens hop the fence) or lead to them flying into unsafe situations.   Read More...

  • Poultry Quick Tips - Spraddle Legs

    What is it? Spraddle leg, or splay leg, is a deformity occurring in the chicken’s legs. It is characterized by the feet pointing out to the sides, instead of forward. This limits mobility and makes walking nearly impossible.   Read More...

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DID YOU KNOW: Milk and pasture alone cannot support the growth potential of today's beef calves?


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