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Famo Feeds has long been at the forefront of livestock and poultry nutrition. As our company has grown and flourished, we have never forgotten our roots. We are a family-owned operation that takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality products combined with premier customer service. At Famo Feeds, you’re one of the family. Come join us!

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  • Prime Cuts - Nitrates

    Nitrates are normally use by plants for metabolism and growth. However, when the growing season is adverse (drought or freeze), nitrates can accumulate within the plant. Some plants are better at utilizing these nitrates than others.   Read More...

  • Prime Cuts - Under Pressure: Types of Bloat in Cattle

    Bloat is simply a buildup of gas that cannot be expelled. Amazingly, this trapped air can be fatal to both calves and adult cattle. As gases begin to accumulate, the abdomen becomes hyperdistended which can easily be spotted during herd checks.   Read More...

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DID YOU KNOW: Milk and pasture alone cannot support the growth potential of today's beef calves?


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