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Famo Feeds has long been at the forefront of livestock and poultry nutrition. As our company has grown and flourished, we have never forgotten our roots. We are a family-owned operation that takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality products combined with premier customer service. At Famo Feeds, you’re one of the family. Come join us!

Latest Industry News

  • Bovatec and Deccox

    Bovatec and Deccox are both routinely fed to calves for control of coccidiosis. The modes of action of these two products may be different, but they have both been shown to provide excellent coccidiosis control. One of the greatest difference between these 2 products is currently the price.   Read More...

  • Pregnancy Toxemia

    Also Known As:KetosisLambing/kidding sicknessTwin lamb/kid diseaseWho:Pregnant ewes and doesTypically seen in ewes and does carrying multiplesOften affects those that are markedly over or underconditionedWhen: Typically reported in the last month to two months of gestation and is often fatal.Types:Chronic – dams are chronically underfed or undernourished during pregnancy. This may be attributed to highly restricted feeding, competition at the feed bunk, or poor nutritional management. Of t...  Read More...

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DID YOU KNOW: Famo Feeds was named 2018 Feed Facility of the Year 


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