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Famo Feeds has long been at the forefront of livestock and poultry nutrition. As our company has grown and flourished, we have never forgotten our roots. We are a family-owned operation that takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality products combined with premier customer service. At Famo Feeds, you’re one of the family. Come join us!

Latest Industry News

  • Certifications: What They Mean to You

    Famo Feeds is Safe Feed/Safe Food, HACCP, and FCI certified. This means that you can count on both a quality product and a safe one as well. But, what do these certifications really mean?Safe Feed/Safe FoodThe Safe Feed/Safe Food certification signifies our compliance with total traceability of products.   Read More...

  • VFD - Requirements for Veterinarians 2015

    With the Veterinary Feed Directive coming into effect January 1, 2017, veterinarians are under significant pressure to be well-versed in the new regulations. This brochure was created by the FDA to help explain what is expected and what the implications are.VFD-DVM.pdf   Read More...

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DID YOU KNOW: The Veterinary Feed Directive takes effect January 1, 2017?


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